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You can download the latest version of WaveComBox here.

Version 2.0

This new version (available here) includes various new features:

  • Two new modulations: WOLA-OFDM and Filtered-OFDM.
  • A number of additional functionalities and examples for CP-OFDM and FBMC-OQAM modulations.
  • An example of a complete optical fiber FBMC-OQAM communication chain.
  • A FBMC-OQAM MIMO synchronization chain.
  • A performance analysis of massive MIMO FBMC-OQAM systems.

Version 1.0

This version includes three modulations: FBMC-OQAM, CP-OFDM and UFMC. Various types of channel are implemented modeling both wireless and optical impairments.

For CP-OFDM and FBMC-OQAM, various signal processing blocks are implemented including modulation, demodulation, channel equalization and pre-equalization, synchronization, channel estimation relying on a preamble or scattered pilots...

Especially for FBMC-OQAM, many types of channel equalizers were implemented different from conventional single-tap equalizer such as multi-tap fractionally spaced equalizer, frequency spreading receiver, parallel multi-stage and time domain equalization. Different blind phase tracking algorithms are also implemented.

For UFMC, only basic functionalities are currently implemented such as modulation, demodulation and channel equalization.

This old version is available here.