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Matlab files in this directory:

 BasicSISOBasic simulation of an FBMC-OQAM SISO system under multipath fading
 ChannelEstimationAndEqualizationChannel estimation and equalization for MIMO FBMC-OQAM system
 ChromaticDispersionCompensationExample showing a comparison of advanced chromatic dispersion
 JointPreEqualizationAndEqualizationJoint equalization at TX and RX for MIMO FBMC-OQAM system
 MIMOEqualizerComparisonEqualizer comparison for MIMO FBMC-OQAM system under highly frequency
 MassiveMIMOAsymptoticPerformanceMassive MIMO FBMC-OQAM performance under highly frequency
 OpticalFiberChainFBMC-OQAM optical fiber communication chain. The channel
 PhaseNoiseTrackingPhase noise compensation for a SISO FBMC-OQAM system
 SISOChannelEstimationTimeVariantChannel estimation for SISO FBMC-OQAM under doubly selective channel
 SISOEqualizerComparisonEqualizer comparison for FBMC-OQAM system under high channel frequency selectivity
 SISOSynchroAndChannelEstimationSynchronization, channel estimation and equalization for SISO FBMC-OQAM

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